A Guide to Serverless Architecture

Taco Bell responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by rapidly shifting their 7,000 US restaurants from indoor dining to delivery. The global fast food chain used a serverless strategy to increase agility, so they could pivot in weeks and scale up easily. Head over to the learning library to get started with hands-on serverless tutorials. The company have taken this idea … Read More

NickA Guide to Serverless Architecture

Pluralsight: View Partners: UITS IT Training: Indiana University

Содержание Start at your current skill level Eclipse — Java decompiler (jd-eclipse) How much is Pluralsight? Pluralsight pricing clearly explained Are Pluralsight’s Certificates of Completion Worth it? Cost-to-Value Ratio The value in Pluralsight is the knowledge you gain from the courses. You could certainly take that knowledge and build side projects, and that would impress future employers. On the plus side, these … Read More

NickPluralsight: View Partners: UITS IT Training: Indiana University

Data Lake Vs Warehouse Vs Data Lake House

Содержание Data Warehouse Use Cases Data Leak Prevention Data Science Roadmap 2022 Data Lake Protection While Data Flows Through The Lake, You May Think Of It As A Next Step Of Logical Data Processing Top Cloud Virtualization Trends In 2022 The Data Lake democratizes data and is a cost-effective way to store all data of an organization for later processing. … Read More

NickData Lake Vs Warehouse Vs Data Lake House